OPUS Corporate Finance

Dr Stephen B Parker

Senior Adviser

Stephen Parker is a senior adviser to Opus Corporate Finance LLP, where he helps lead the healthcare practice.  He is a seasoned executive with over thirty years’ experience in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors, as a senior executive in the sector, a strategic consultant, a venture capitalist and a senior corporate financier with Baring’s, Warburg’s and Apax Partners.  His corporate finance clients have included Chiroscience, Corixa, Roussel Uclaf, Smithkline Beecham, Triangle Pharmaceuticals and Wellcome.

Stephen is also currently Chairman of Sareum Holdings plc, and a non-Executive Director of MGC Pharmaceuticals Limited, a medical cannabis company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and Eternans Limited, a UK start-up in the cellular senescence area.  He has previously been a non-Executive Director of, inter alia, Silence Therapeutics plc (including two years as Chairman), GammaDelta Limited and Liverpool ChiroChem Limited (as Chairman).

Stephen has a D.Phil. from Oxford University and an MBA from City University Business School.

E-mail: stephen.parker@opuscf.com