Sustainability is more than a sector
It’s at the heart of what we do

Opus has always advised companies from across the world of sustainability. From 2006 to today, we’ve been proud front-runners, advising in the rapidly evolving area of energy transition and climate change. But sustainability is now much more than a separate sector.

ESG is becoming a dominant theme. All companies now have to explain to their stakeholders what they are doing to contribute to a world where sustainable use of resources is an imperative.

The question of sustainability affects every sector and company we engage with. When anything is this prevalent, it will affect a company’s entire strategy – from short-term decisions to long-term market positioning. Our advice can help shape your strategy through all stages of your company’s cycle, contributing to long-term, durable success in this changing world.

“Markets have an important role to play in the transition to a more sustainable future. The pressure is also increasing on business to be more purposeful and responsible.”

Financial Conduct Authority, April 2021

Being sustainable means thinking long term

We’re proud to be sustainability experts

From chemicals, through industrial technologies and services, to asset management, we integrate our long-standing expertise into all of our sectors to provide the best possible advice.






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