Acquisitions and Disposals

Expert M&A advice is one of the bedrocks of our professional business. Our partners have executed M&A transactions across sectors and geographies. We provide resourceful teamwork and expert capabilities. Our intellectual rigour and attention to detail ensure excellence in your outcomes. Many of our transactions are cross-border.

Capital Raising

Access to cost effective and supportive long-term capital is often essential for our clients. We have a diverse network and a fundamental understanding of the equity and debt funding markets. This, combined with our ability to tailor deliverable funding solutions, has been central to many of our transaction successes.

Stakeholder Advice

Our senior team work at board level to provide expert advice. We address long-term stakeholder objectives. Periods of transition or change potentially require thoughtful rebalancing of stakeholder interests. Our trusted advisers provide solutions and support to board and trustee decisions.

Public Markets

Opus partners are experienced in public markets and the regulatory and practical frameworks that accompany them. You may be considering a listing or a takeover or face other fundamental business challenges. Our broad perspective ensures that we provide authoritative independent advice to board members and shareholders.