A resourceful, practical team of specialists in asset management

We sit on boards across the sector, and we know the opportunities and challenges presented by all asset classes. We’re helping investment and wealth managers to evolve towards a sustainable future. ESG is a major focus and we draw upon the established credentials of our broader team.

Change is driving activity across the sector

Opus has consulted on many topics across the financial services sector. We’ve established relationships from investment and wealth management to insurance, infrastructure and other real assets.

We understand the sector and the challenges it faces. Competition is always growing. And as the cost of regulatory compliance rises, and the importance of client services technology increases, there is a structural need for scale and therefore consolidation within the sector.

Attuned to your culture and goals

Our practice can advise early-stage, evolving and mature multi-product businesses and we work with all ownership structures such as private equity, family-owned, private and listed companies. We excel in our advice because we will understand your strategic goals and we will be attuned to your individual culture: a key component of successful, durable M&A in this people-driven sector.